Japan Karate of El Cajon


The karate uniform is called a "gi" (pronounced like the word "geek" without the k).  While it is not mandatory for a student to have one, it is recommended.  Kids like to feel like they're a part of the group and having a uniform makes a big impact on them.  You can get them from JKI of El Cajon when classes begin, or find one on your own, no problem either way.

A short note here on gi sizes.  Buy them big.  They are 100% cotton and shrink a LOT.  If purchased from JKI of El Cajon, they usually run $25-30.

And, sorry moms, DON'T WASH THE BELTS.


Again, it is not mandatory for kids to apply for and test for a belt promotion.  However, as it's all about making progress, you'll find that your son or daughter will feel rewarded big-time if they test for and attain the next belt up from white belt.

Promotions are done the last week of the session, usually on the last Monday, and belts are awarded that Friday along w/ a celebration.  It's a pretty big deal for kids.

Promotion fees are extra and not included in the regular class prices as paid to City of El Cajon.  Please ask Sensei Kevin ahead of time.


White - Orange - Blue - Purple - Purple w/ 1 stripe - Green - Green w/ 1 stripe - Green w/ 2 stripes - Brown - Brown w/ 1 stripe - Brown w/ 2 stripes - Temporary Black Belt - 1st Degree Black Belt - 2nd Degree Black Belt - etc etc


As a matter of progress, I've worked out a stripe system for white belts to note their progress during the course of their training.

1st stripe - Punches correctly     2nd stripe - Front and roundhouse kick     3rd stripe - Stances are correct     4th stripe - Good Spirit, Listens and follows directions in class    5th stripe - Kata is done correctly

Once a white belt has 5 stripes, they are eligible for Orange belt testing. 

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