Japan Karate of El Cajon

Traditional karate-do emphasizes respect and discipline.  These are not only key development traits for children, but for everyone.  Makes sense, right?

You have placed your son / daughter on a path here with Japan Karate of El Cajon.  It is a path of development.  The principles I teach are emphasized over and over again:  Respect, and Discipline.

After all is said, what is discipline, anyway?  Really, we’re talking about SELF-discipline, which is doing the right thing at the right time with no one to urge you on to do it.  Somewhere in their training, karate-do students begin to take command of their own progress.

It is a HUGE change, and a turning point not only in their martial arts life, but in their life, period.

I teach so that these changes occur through karate-do for your kids. 

I don't teach them martial arts so that they'll be able to fight someone, particularly, although this is most assuredly covered in our classes / training.  I teach them so that they will be very determined and strong-willed people, who are able to see challenges and difficulties as obstacles that can be overcome. 

We are on a path, your kids and I, to the betterment of not only each and every one of us, but as these kids move out into life on their own, you will see that the key karate-do principles that they've learned will repeatedly and continually help and service them.

And that is why I teach.

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