Japan Karate of El Cajon

The First Thing to understand about my teaching karate-do to your child is that I emphasize Respect and Discipline.

 The Second Thing to know about karate-do is that it is tends to make the angry kid a bit less so, and make the shy kid a bit more outgoing.  We teach that karate-do is for defense, not for getting even, kicking someone's butt, pushing other kids around, or for showing off.  

This is not an overnight thing, which brings us the next reason to enroll / keep your child in this karate-do class.

The Third Thing about karate-do is that the "-do" means it is really a way of life.  Yes, your son / daughter is in a 10-week session at a Rec Club, but ideally you'd like them to continue and become better at not only karate-do, but every aspect of their life, right?  Those characteristics that you'd like to see in your child can be worked on with karate-do, much to the betterment of the child, and the happiness of everyone concerned. 

The Fourth Thing to keep in mind is that my karate-do students are taught that they're in competition with only themselves.  I teach them to consistently go head-to-head with this idea.  Simple, right?  You work on your own barriers, dissolve them, and what's left is a stronger "you"!

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