Japan Karate of El Cajon


Heian Nidan (for 9th Kyu / blue belt)

Bow. State name of kata out loud ( pronounced "hay-yawn ni-dawn").


Kamae / open stance.

Block to your left using trapping block w/ left hand in cat stance;

Step in right leg to han-zenkutsu dachi, punching middle level (chudan);

Right foot moves back, you're now blocking opposite direction in

Zenkutsu dachi, gedan barai (down block) right hand / right foot forward;

Then immediately slide right foot back to (half) han-zenkutsu dachi stance, blocking w/ trapping block right hand;

Step in left hand chudan punch, han-zenkutsu dachi (half-front stance);

90 degree turn to left moving left foot to zenkutsu dachi, left down block;

Next you step in three times each zenkutsu dachi with three upper blocks;

Back (left) foot moves 45-deg and you do (full stance) zenkutsu dachi down block with left hand, then

Stepping in right foot, han-zenkutsu dachi, middle punch right hand;

Moving right foot to (full stance) zenkutsu dachi 45-deg other direction

Perform a down block right hand:

Step in left hand middle (chudan) zuki (punch);

Now shift w/ left foot slightly to left, traveling down kata center line;

Left leg forward, (full stance) zenkutsu dachi, left arm down block;

This is followed by stepping in half-stance three times, punching middle level (chudan) each time;

Left leg moves 45-deg to left, stepping w/ left leg forward shiko dachi

and right hand gedan (lower level) shito (open hand) uke (block) KIAI !!!Note: right hand is at solar plexus, palm upward;

Step in along the same 45-deg line w/ right leg to shiko dachi and down block with shito uke right hand, left hand at solar plexus palm upward;

Same pattern, right leg moves to shiko dachi / right shito down block on the other 45-deg line, left hand at solar plexus palm upward;

Step through on same same 45-deg line w/ left leg to shiko dachi accompanied w/ left shito down block;

Zan-shin Yamae (Kata ends, student returns to heiko dachi while still looking at last opponent just in case they get up. Count 2 seconds.

Return to Yoi / closed stance.


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